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MSF Statement on EB152/5 - Strengthening diagnostics capacity 

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MSF Statement on EB 152/5 - Strengthening diagnostics capacity 

WHO Executive Board's Special Session on EbolaUN Photo/Christopher Black

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is seeing first-hand how access to quality-assured diagnostics is critical in the delivery of medical care and welcomes the draft resolution to strengthen diagnostic capacity in member states. 

MSF encourages member states to improve the resolution by developing a concrete implementation plan and addressing two shortcomings in the draft resolution. 

The resolution recognises the importance of strengthening local production capacity of diagnostics in developing countries as a critical enabler of universal health coverage. Strengthening local production of diagnostics should not be for pandemic preparedness alone but for all diseases affecting developing countries. 

The resolution recognises that affordable prices of diagnostics are a key enabler for strengthening diagnostics capacity. However, it fails to take into account the need to improve transparency in public investments, cost of production and pricing structure of diagnostics.