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Webinar: Ensuring global access to affordable diagnostics for tuberculosis: A Canadian perspective

On 22 May 2024, MSF, together with Stop TB Canada and Partners in Health (PIH) Canada, hosted an online discussion on the “Time for $5” campaign and the need for affordable access to tuberculosis (TB) tests, from the Canadian perspective and beyond.

Before patients can be effectively treated, they need to be diagnosed. GeneXpert is an effective diagnostic tool for diseases like drug-resistant TB, HIV and hepatitis that is also suitable for low-resource environments. Unfortunately, high prices for the cartridges used for each test mean it does not reach all who could benefit.

This webinar discussed the “Time for $5” campaign calling on GeneXpert manufacturers Cepheid and Danaher to lower the price of test cartridges; discussed the importance of diagnostics in settings from Canada to Lesotho; and highlighted Canada’s pledges, and shortfalls, supporting the global push to end TB.


  • Robyn Waite, TB Consultant and Stop TB Canada Steering Committee
  • Ryan Meili, Physician, PIH Canada/Lesotho
  • Mahli Brindamour, Physician, PIH Canada/Lesotho
  • Saloni Fruehauf, Campaign Manager, MSF Access Campaign
  • Moderator: Adam Houston, Medical Policy & Advocacy Advisor, MSF Canada